The Earthly Paradise: Unpublished Tales

Supplementary Materials:

Critical Responses to These Tales:

"The Wanderers"

"The Story of Dorothea"

"The Story of Orpheus and Eurydice"

"The Wooing of Swanhild." From Karl Anderson, "The Beginning of Morris's Interest in the History and Literature of Early Scandinavia: 1834-1870," Chap. 1, "Scandinavian Elements in the Works of William Morris." Diss. Harvard, 1940.

"The Wooing of Swanhild." From Karl Litzenberg, "Contributions of the Old Norse Language and Literature to the Style and Substance of the Writings of William Morris, 1856-76." Dissertation, University of Michigan, 1933. Chapter 3.3 The Wooing of Swanhild 210-228 [pdf]

Periodical Publication:

"The Story of Aristomenes": "The First Foray of Aristomenes," Athenaeum, no. 2533 (13 May 1876), 663-64. ("On toiled the sons of the exiles up the steep,")

May Morris, Wanderers