The Roots of the Mountains

Table of Contents

  1. Of Burgstead and Its Folk and Its Neighbors

  2. Of Face-of-God and His Kindred

  3. They Talk of Divers Matters in the Hall

  4. Face-of-God Fareth to the Wood Again

  5. Face-of-God Falls In With Menfolk on the Mountain

  6. Of Face-of-God and Those Mountain-Dwellers

  7. Face-of-God Talketh With the Friend on the Mountain

  8. Face-of-God Cometh Home Again to Burgstead

  9. Those Brethren Fare to the Yewwood With the Bride

  10. New Tidings in the Dale

  11. Men Make Oath at Burgstead on the Holy Boar

  12. Stone-Face Telleth Concerning the Wood-Wights

  13. They Fare to the Hunting of the Elk

  14. Concerning Face-of-God and the Mountain

  15. Murder Amongst the Folk of the Woodlanders

  16. The Bride Speaketh With Face-of-God

  17. The Token Cometh from the Mountain

  18. Face-of-God Talketh With the Friend in Shadowy Vale

  19. The Fair Woman Telleth Face-of-God of Her Kindred

  20. Those Two Together Hold the Ring of the Earth-God

  21. Face-of-God Looketh on the Dusky Men

  22. Face-of-God Cometh Home to Burgstead

  23. Talk in the Hall of the House of the Face

  24. Face-of-God Giveth That Token to the Bride

  25. Of the Gate-Thing at Burgstead

  26. The Ending of the Gate-Thing

  27. Face-of-God Leadeth a Band Through the Wood

  28. The Men of Burgdale Meet the Runaways

  29. They Bring the Runaways to Burgstead

  30. Hall-Face Goeth Toward Rose-Dale

  31. Of the Weapon-Show of the Men of Burgdale and Their Neighbours

  32. The Men of Shadowy Vale Come to the Spring Market at Burgstead

  33. The Alderman Gives Gifts to Them of Shadowy Vale

  34. The Chieftans Take Counsel in the Hall of the Face

  35. Face-of-God Talketh With the Sun-Beam

  36. Folk-Might Speaketh With the Bride

  37. Of the Folk-Mote of the Dalesmen, the Shepherd-Folk, and the Woodland Carles:
    The Banner of the Wolf Displayed

  38. Of the Great Folk-Mote: Atonements Given, and Men Made Sackless

  39. Of the Great Folk-Mote: Men Take Rede of the War-Faring, the Fellowship, and the War-Leader. Folk-Might Telleth Whence His People Came. The Folk-Mote Sundered

  40. Of the Hosting in Shadowy Vale

  41. The Host Departeth from Shadowy Vale: The First Day’s Journey

  42. The Host Cometh to the Edges of Silver-Dale

  43. Face-of-God Looketh on Silver-Dale: The Bowman’s Battle

  44. Of the Onslaught of the Men of the Steer, the Bridge, and the Bull

  45. Of Face-of-God’s Onslaught

  46. Men Meet in the Market of Silver-Stead

  47. The Kindreds Win the Mote-House

  48. Men Sing in the Mote-House

  49. Dallach Fareth to Rose-Dale: Crow Telleth of His Errand: The Kindreds Eat Their Meat
    in Silver-Dale

  50. Folk-Might Seeth the Bride and Speaketh With Her

  51. The Dead Borne to Bale: The Mote-House Re-Hallowed

  52. Of the New Beginning of Good Days in Silver-Dale

  53. Of the Word Which Hall-Ward of the Steer had for Folk-Might

  54. Tidings of Dallach: A Folk-Mote in Silver-Dale

  55. Departure from Silver-Dale

  56. Talk Upon the Wild-Wood Way

  57. How the Host Came Home Again

  58. How the Maiden Ward Was Held in Burgdale

  59. The Behest of Face-of-God to the Bride Accomplished: A Mote-Stead Appointed for the Three Folks, to Wit, the Men of Burgdale, the Shepherds, and the Children of the Wolf

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