The Novel on Blue Paper

edited by Penelope Fitzgerald


"The Minstril" Morris & Co., 1872
"The Minstrel" Morris & Co., 1872

Introduction and Conclusion, Penelope Fitzgerald
Text of The Novel on Blue Paper
The Novel on Blue Paper. William Morris and Penelope Fitzgerald. London: Journeyman Press, 1982. Print [pdf] Manuscript, B. L. Ms. 45, 328, ff. 1 - 58v
Prior Publication, "The Novel on Blue Paper, William Morris," Dickens Studies Annual: Essays on Victorian Fiction, New York, AMS Press, Inc., 10, 1982-83, Introduction 143-151, 152-220.
Supplementary materials: criticism

Kocmanova, Jessie. "Landscape and Sentiment;": Morris' First Attempt in Longer Prose Fiction." Victorian Poetry, 13.3 and 4 (1975), 103-117. [pdf]