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Notes on 1871 Journey, arranged by date

[In Preparation]
For each date, the entry from the Collected Works (vol. 8, 1911) edition is provided to accompany the notes (pdf images). A separate file of all the notes is here.
Images are of photographs taken by Martin Stott in July 2013 during a William Morris Society expedition which retraced the route of Morris's 1871 and 1873 journeys. To view entire slideshow of all days images including notes, which open at top left, please see [1871 Journey pdf] and [1873 Journey pdf].

London to Reykjavík

From Reykjavík to Bergthorsknoll and Lithend

From Lithend to the Geysirs

From the Geysirs through the wilderness to Waterdale

From Water-dale to Biarg and Ramfirth