Icelandic Journals

Wednesday, July 19th, At the priest's house at Oddi

Oddi Images

Faroe Islands‘Magn├║sson tells us we are close to Oddi, so we go ahead of the train, and gallop over the last bit of way up to where there lies a low green knoll on the face of the grey upland which is at the back of the houses at Oddi, then turning a corner, we ride in through the lane between the garth walls and into a little yard in front of a six-gabled house of the regular Icelandic type, turf walls ever so thick, and wooden gables facing the sunny side: these are Stockholm-tarred and have little white framed windows with small panes of glass in them: both walls and roof are just as green as the field they spring from, all doors are very low . . .’ (IJ p 40)


‘. . . inside and outside the church and farmstead Morris stayed at. The actual farmstead is on the site of the one Morris stayed in, not the original of course’ (Martin Stott).