Icelandic Journals

Thursday, August 10th, At Mr. Thorlacius' house at Stykkisholm

Holyfell (Helgafell)

‘While we were riding through this intricate country, Holyfell had been hidden from us, except for a dip or breach now and then; but all at once, turning a corner of some dyke we come upon it: the front of that dry-land and island grey pillars of rock with green slopes breaking away from them, and in front of it facing east a stead and church’ (IJ p 119).


‘ . . . the Helgafell and church associated with the Eyrbyggia saga with Gudrun's grave at it’ (Martin Stott).



‘the Norwegian House at Stykkisholmur’ (Martin Stott)

‘There are so many houses here that to our unaccustomed eyes it looks quite a town: they are mostly neat wooden ones with trim closes and gardens about them; we ride up to one of the biggest of them where is a sort of a yard, and store-houses, and Magn├║sson asks for Mr. Thorlacius, a kinsman of his wife’s, who lives here . . .’ (IJ p 120).