The Earthly Paradise

Text of The Earthly Paradise
The Earthly Paradise, Kelmscott Press Edition
The Earthly Paradise, 1890 edition
The Earthly Paradise, 1870 edition
The Garden of Hesperides by Edward Burnes-Jones "The Garden of the Hesperides,"
Edward Burne-Jones, 1869-73
Editorial Material: General Introduction, Introductions to the Apology, "Prologue: The Wanderers," and Classical and Medieval Tales

Introductions are from William Morris, The Earthly Paradise, edited by Florence S. Boos, 2 vols., Routledge, 2002; the text remains in copyright.
"The Lovers of Gudrun," Taylor and Francis, 2002, with annotations. [pdf]
Manuscripts of the Earthly Paradise
Supplementary Materials: contemporary criticism, more recent criticism, illustrations, including images from the original woodblocks, sources, bibliography