Diaries and Essays

Diaries/JournalsWilliam Morris, 1877, Elliott & Fry.

Other Published Morris Essays and Co-Authored Treatise

Manuscript Essays on Socialism, Architecture, and the Environment

Morris, William, Fragment of speech on behalf of Socialist League describing socialism in England, given at international conference of socialists, Inv. nr. 611_4, ARCH00496, International Institute of Socialist History, Amsterdam.

British Library Additional Manuscript 45,332, Essays on Art and History

British Library Additional Manuscript 45,333, Essays on Socialism

British Library Additional Manuscript 45,334, Essays on Socialism

British Library Additional Manuscript 45,335, Socialist Diary

Cheltenham Public Library, "Under an Elm-Tree: Thoughts in the Countryside," Cheltenham Public Library, Z4, ff. 1-5

Beinecke Library, Yale University, "Hopes and Fears for Art," MS Vault Shelves Morris; contains "The Art of the People," "The Beauty of Life," "Making the Best of It," "The Prospects of Architecture in Civilization"

Beinecke Library, "[Concerning] Westminster Abbey," MS Vault Shelves Morris

Beinecke Library, "The Relations of Art to Labour," MS Vault Shelves Morris, 1598

Harry Ransom Library, Austin, Texas, "Address at the Delivery of Prizes," MS. file (Morris, W.), Works

Harry Ransom Library, "Lecture Delivered to the National Association for the Advancement of Art," MS. file (Morris, W.), Works

Harry Ransom Library, "Gothic Architecture," MS. file (Morris, W.) Hanley II B

Huntington Library, "Our Policy in this Crisis," HM 6464

Huntington Library, "The Art of the People," HM6432

Huntington Library, "On the Artistic Qualities of Woodcut Books" HM 6431

Huntington Library, "Some Thoughts on the Ornamented Manuscripts of the Middle Ages," HM 6440

Huntington Library, "The Art of the People," (incomplete)

Huntington Library, "True and False Society," HM 6420

Huntington Library, "Address Made on Behalf of the Work of the S. P. A. B.," HM 6449

Huntington Library, "Regarding the Opinion of the S. P. A. B. on the Restoration of St. Mark's, Venice," HM6459

Hungtington Library, Petition regarding the Baptistry at Ravenna, HM 6455

Huntington Library, To the Working People of Great Britain and Ireland, HM 6464

Morris, William. "Town and Country," courtesy of the Mark Samuels Lasner Collection



Morris, William. Westminster Abbey Leaflet-Courtesy of the Berg Collection, New York Public Library


Socialist League Archives, International Institute of Social Research, Amsterdam

LeMire, Eugene D. "A Bibliographical Checklist of Morris's Speeches and Lectures," The Unpublished Lectures of William Morris, 291-322.

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