The Tale of the Emperor Coustans and of Over Sea

Kelmscott Edition, London 1894 Kelmscott Edition, London 1894
Title pages, Kelmscott Press Edition, 1894
  • Introduction by Peter Faulkner

  • Kelmscott Edition, London, 1894.

  • Text, "The Tale of the Emperor Coustans and of Over Sea"

  • Included in Old French Romances. Done into English by William Morris. With an Introduction by Joseph Jacobs, London: George Allen & Co., 1896; 1914. This book consists of the four Romances published at the Kelmscott Press.

  • Source, L.Moland and C. D’Hericault, editors, Nouvelles françaises en prose du xiii ième siècle, Paris: Janet, 1856.

  • Collected Works, ed. May Morris, London: Longmans, Green and Co., 1910-1915, Vol. 17, Old French Romances.

Supplementary Materials: Reviews, Criticism, and Glossary