Collations for The Life and Death of Jason


A = “The Deeds of Jason,” manuscript (incomplete, only books I-VII extant)
B = 1867 text
B2 = 1871 text
B3 = 1877
C = 1882 text
D = 1895 text

I. Morris sometimes uses an ampersand in the 1895 text; instances of an ampersand in “The Deeds of Jason” are not noted.

II. Due to Morris’ typographical conventions (specifically, his “Troy” type, in which the D text was published), the majuscule ligatures Æ and Œ appear as Ae and Oe, respectively, in the Kelmscott edition of 1895, our “D” text. The miniscule ligatures, however, are not thus separated in the D text: (vid. “Actæon” in D.I.190; “Eubœan” in D.I.130). Thus all majuscules that appear as majuscule ligatures in texts ABC, (vid. “Æson” in ABC, passim) appear as two separate characters in D, with the first of these characters majuscule, and the second miniscule (vid. “Aeson” in D, passim), and all miniscule ligatures found in ABC are to be found in D without this separation.

III. Often in the A text (that is, the manuscript) no quotation marks mark the introduction and termination of direct discourse. Texts BC follow the normative practice of enclosing direct discourse between quotation marks. In the D text, however, direct discourse is marked at its beginning by a colon followed by a majuscule initial letter, without quotation marks, and at its ending by mere final periodic punctuation, again without quotation marks. Since these variations are consistent within textual editions (except within the unfinished manuscript, the A text), they have not been reproduced here.

IV. After I.14, B2 and B3 are not noted unless they include variora.

V. Only variants are marked. That is, if entries appear only for the A and D texts, B and
C are identical to D.

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