Collations for The Life and Death of Jason

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Collation Book 9

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No individual arguments precede each book in text B. The Fleece taken from the temple-The departure of Argo-The death of Absyrtus.

The Fleece taken from the temple. The departure of Argo. The death of Absyrtus.




Fortune's fortune's
IX.48 Gave unto them no least hope of surprise   Left them no hope of wile or of surprise
IX.54 with what wile   with what guile
IX.89 O evil thing O evil thing Evil thing
IX.128 and the fiery plains and the fiery plains and in the fiery plains
IX.157 Still murmuring softly   Still murmuring gently
IX.176 Or carved with tales, or lovely to behold   Nor carved with tales, nor lovely to behold
IX.179 And pondering, in low muttered words he said:--   And pondering, spake a low and muttered word:
IX.180 I somewhat dread   I am afeared
IX.186 Who once desired nought   Who once was fain of nought
IX.197 And buried them deep in the locks of the gold   And plunged them deep within the locks of gold
IX.211 nor turn about to gaze   nor turn thine eyes aback,
IX.212 At me, as he who in the shadowy ways   As he who erst on Hermes' shadowy track
IX.228 yea, all was so still;   dead night lay so still,
IX.249 he took the royal maid   he raised the royal maid
IX.286 over the uproar   high over din and roar
IX.293 seeing the gold fell   seeing the Golden fell
IX.298 Grew wan   Grew pale
IX.315 silver water kiss   silver waters kiss
IX.340 power well she knew   power full well she knew
IX.341 And at thought well might her heart grow cold   No wonder therefore if her heart grew cold
IX.342 And well might she her wretched self behold   And if her wretched self she did behold
IX.356 read now for war   ready for the war
IX.367 take the sea   take the main
IX.368 Soothly, have we no will to fight with thee   For of thy slaying nowise are we fain
IX.375 For gifts or prayers For gifts or prayers For gifts nor prayers
IX.384 of your slaughter   of your slaying
IX.405 sunk sunk sank
IX.407 had thrust apart had thrust apart had dashed apart
IX.409 then the green wave   and then the green wave
IX.415 Than at the following   And at the following
IX.428a And on his face her red lips he could feel line omitted line omitted
IX.428b And round her panting side his fingers steel line omitted line omitted
IX.432 so   Lo

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