Collations for The Life and Death of Jason

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Collation Book 8

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No individual arguments precede each book in text B. The taming of the brazen bulls--The quelling of the Earth-born.

The taming of the brazen bulls--The quelling of the Earth-born.



Holding the ivory rod of sovereignty

  Holding the king's staff, and with red gold crowned,
VIII.12 And Jason and his fold were standing by.   And by him Jason and his fold around.
VIII.17 among you. among you amongst you
VIII.32     Colchian
VIII.34     Unwitting of their faithful friend and true.
VIII.42     THUS passed
VIII.46 In to a close they came, where there were dight   Come to a close were (sic) round about were dight
VIII.47 Long galleries about   Long galleries to hedge
VIII.49 And carved about   And carved well
VIII.50 And all around them   Framed all about with
VIII.54 did a fire   did a bright fire
VIII.72 having upon   and bore
VIII.89 heart   art
VIII.117 of sulphurous pungent of sulphurous pungent bitter sulphurous
VIII.130 helpless and blind   blind and helpless
VIII.146 Who in the likeness   but she in likeness
VIII.157 And drove them now with shouts out   And now loud shouting drove them
VIII.172 shepherd, too to be   shepherd-lad, to thee;
VIII.184 sulphurous smoke, sulphurous smoke, yellowing smoke
VIII.186 fallow farrow fallow
VIII.188 with brow knit for doubt,   frowning in his doubt,
VIII.202 Yet not let this first foil go to thine heart   Let not this first foil go unto thine heart
VIII.209 he must have at last,   he at last must have
VIII.210 slays us." But Æetes castgave   slay us?" But Æetes
VIII.213 as   and
VIII.237 said   spake
VIII.245 broke-out   out-broke
VIII.247 did Prince Jason   did their Jason
VIII.255 fire   wild-fire
VIII.278 luckiest of men   luckiest man of men
VIII.289 the labouring earth   which labouring Earth
VIII.298 the sunlight   day and light
VIII.313 he the ball had smitten he the ball had smitten who first the ball smote turned unto
VIII.357 'twixt   between
VIII.420 But   They
VIII.429 the keys were   dwelt the keys were
VIII.434 She and the king alone had ever gone   Nought living save the King and she had gone
VIII.451 the while;   all the while;

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