Collations for The Life and Death of Jason

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Collation Book 7

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No indvidual arguments precede each book in text B. Jason first sees Medea--The magic potion of Medea.

Jason first sees Medea. The magic potion of Medea.



that they

  that men
VII.4 Might turn grim-looking night into the day;   From out the dark might bring the day again;
VII.45 unlucky king   hapless king
VII.49 her lovely arm took   her arm, stooped and took
VII.53 the king my father feeds   that king ├ćetes feeds
VII.61 serpents' teeth   serpent's teeth
VII.62 Our fathers slew upon   Slain by our fathers on
VII.65 if thou canst scape from   if thou canst master
VII.69 But yet sing not the song   Yet sing thou not the song
VII.70 or think thyself Nor deem thyself Nor deem thyself
VII.91 With that that   With that which
VII.116 her chamber sat   her bower she sat,
VII.131 from the city being   from the city streets being
VII.138 she did cast   round she cast
VII.146 and then turned round   then turned about
VII.173 the fire burned   the new fire burned
VII.182 fire, east   fire, she cast
VII.188 And colourless and dull the fire grew,   And dull and wan the smothered bale-fire grew,
VII.240 fire did   dulled fire did
VII.245 She fain had barrel against her on that   Which fainer had she barred from her
VII.246 the fire   their bale-fire
VII.261 rosy, hand   rosy flesh
VII.263 whatso the bowl did hold   what else the brass might hold
VII.265 She drew out from the wallet,   Drawn from the mystic wallet
VII.266 Stopping the mouth, in its own place   She stopped the mouth, and in its place
VII.267 phial   vessel
VII.272 The fire   Her bale-fire
VII.297 At last she reached the gilded water-gate,   So 'gainst the watergate soft slide her prow
VII.298 scarce she dared to wait   scarcely dared she now
VII.299 To fasten up her shallop   to moor her shallop
VII.311 entering the   entering soft the
VII.317 Drew nigh   Came nigh
VII.323 and clenched his hand,   with hand clenched hard,
VII.324 Raising it up, as though it held the brand,   And raised aloft his wary head to ward,
VII.345 again to meet once more to meet, once rose to meet,
VII.347 That some That some Which some
VII.357 this prisoned this now prisoned this, here prisoned
VII.372 amid   amidst
VII.373 Shall serve them then but little to see thee,   Shall see no foe but midst the earthborn kin,
VII.374 others' weapons slain shall be,   other chilly death
VII.377 on this night,   shall win,
VII.381 turns, and all is   turn, and all be
VII.385 Now will I get   But I will get
VII.387 The seven locks   The sevenfold locks
VII.409 such deep delight.   thy longing kind.
VII.410 What wouldst thou? Wilst thou go from me? The light   Ah, wilt thou go? The Day is yet but blind
VII.411 Is grey and tender yet, and in your land   Amid blind and sleepers: long it is meseems
VII.412 Surely the twilight, lingering long, doth stand   That twilight lingers over fading dreams
VII.414 your life.   thy life.
VII.431 His arm and body he anointed well.   He chafed his body and his weed of war,
VII.432 about his neck he hung the spell   his neck he hung the spell that bore
VII.433 Against the earth-born, the fair crystal ball   Death to the earth-born, the fair crystal ball.
VII.434 Laid in a purse, and then from   Ready and eager then from
VII.435 the chamber paced full eagerly, and endlong clashing did he stride and ending clashing did he strike,
VII.436 Expecting when the fateful time shoud be.   Waiting the king's men and the fateful tide.
VII.451 faint soft faint soft light soft

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