Collations for The Life and Death of Jason

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Collation Book 6

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No individual arguments precede each book in text B. The pasage of the Symplegades--The heroes come to Æa.

The passage of the Symplegades. The heroes come to Aea.



Said: Many a gift ye have of me to-day

Spake: Many a gift I now have given you Spake: Many a gift I now have given you
VI.12 Within your treasuries at home to lay, To lay amid your treasures old and new, To lay amidst your treasures old and new
VI.14 to the to yon to your
VI.15 Natheless, one more gift shall ye have of me,   But one gift more ye needs must take of me
VI.18 desired things   dear treasured things
VI.26 For listen; as upon this day ye go   As to the narrowing of the sea ye go
VI.27 Unto the narrow ending of the sea,   And draw anigh the sound's wind-beaten throat,
VI.28 Anigh the clashing rocks lie patiently,   There deadless by the Clashers shall ye float
VI.30 let loose   loosen from
VI.36 comes   come
VI.41 Thereafter, if ye will, come back to me, And if it so befal, then come ye back; And if it so befall, then come ye back
VI.42 And if ye find nought in my treasury   And though my house be nought, and though we lack
VI.43 That ye desire, yet ye at least shall have   Good things and plenteous gifts, yet shall ye have
VI.49 O, King, said Jason, know that on this day   Said Jason: King, not first upon this day
VI.50 I will not be foresworn, but by some way   Will I be forsworn, but by some wild way
VI.58 Are   Be
VI.59 Farewell, O King   Then farewell, king
VI.66 unto   the man
VI.67 The night was as the day, and   Made night as day, and blinding
VI.88 like glass   like to glass
VI.90 strong arched caves   hard great-arched caves
VI.95 as they drew anear   dazed with fear and doubt
VI.96 about for fear,   their keel about
VI.97 Each man beholding   As each man looked on
VI.120 from your hand from your hand from out thine hand
VI.144 awhile   a while
VI.155 still narrowing, but   still narrowing fast but
VI.178 or or nor
VI.186 rainbow rainbow foam-bow
VI.196 then   they
VI.214 that night   at night
VI.239 held   swayed
VI.240 nought they behedl   fair way they made
VI.241 For seven days but sea and changeful sky,   But saw for seven bright days but sea and sky.
VI.242 But on the eighth day could Lynceus espy   Till on the eighth, keen Lynceus could espy
VI.249 So   Then
VI.251 Cleaving the sands,   Which cleft the sands
VI.271 Which happed indeed,   Which surely happed;
VI.275 nigher, soon   nigher, they soon
VI.289 o'er   across
VI.290 Whose last loud note was taken up straightway Whose voice that care and peril did forebode Whose voice, that care and peril did forebode,
VI.291 By many another further and more near   Was caught and spread by others far and near
VI.322 much-desired   longed-for
VI.327 Deep dying earths   Deep-dyeing weeds
VI.329 Desired much   Desired so much
VI.332 lies   rests
VI.338 a host a host an host
VI.349 Now   But
VI.355 hearing this desired   heard this long-desired
VI.356 grown hungrier   and hungrier yet
VI.389 Lest thou shouldst name me, coming to thy land   Lest home ye turn, and home ye come, and tell
VI.390 A poor guest-fearing man, of niggard hand   That King Æetes fearing guests doth dwell
VI.407 palace they were gently brought house of kings in peace they went house of kings they went in peace
VI.408 But Jason, smiling outwardly, yet thought   Smiled Jason's face; yet was his heart intent
VI.409 Within his heart   On cares to come
VI.414 And then   But then
VI.415 Amidst these thoughts between the fair streets led   So thought he pacing by Aeetes' guilt
VI.416 He noted well the size and goodly-head   And noted well how great and goodly built
VI.417 Pf all the houses, and the fold   Were all the houses; while the folk
VI.419 Peering   Peered
VI.424 spot of ground   green-garthed ground
VI.442 the door   this my door
VI.444 desire hangeth   desire now hangeth
VI.446 seven locks   sevenfold lock
VI.454 thy   thine
VI.463 from behind the men   they who went behind
VI.464 Who hedged the heroes in, shout as when   Hedging the houses, creid as when folk find
VI.465 He stands up on his throne, hidden no more   His throne is filled and he is hid no more
VI.468 Minyae did stand   Minyae now did stand
VI.484 By many a changing foot of nymph and God   By changing feet of giant, nymph, and God
VI.487 a flowery mead,   fair flowery grass
VI.488 to the hand for every need   for what needs might come to pass
VI.489 fair   clear
VI.498 divine   most divine

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