Collations for The Life and Death of Jason

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Collation Book 16

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No individual arguments precede each book in text B. The landing of the heroes—Jason is made king in Iolchos, and the Argonauts go to their own homes.

The landing of the heroes. Jason is made king in Iolchos, and the Argonauts go to their own homes


queen triumphantly

  woman nursed her gain
XVI.20 Watched the grey dawn steal forth above the sea,   And watched the grey dawn quicken o'er the main,
XVI.22 fire hung   fire yet hung
XVI.44 Are men who heed nought but   Are men whose hearts are set
XVI.57 or or nor
XVI.88 Pelias awake   Pelias too awake
XVI.99 do all men do   shall all men do
XVI.109 This dead king deemed hid death and unknown woe.   Which this dead king deemed Jason's death and woe;
XVI.111 risen   rising
XVI.118 rose   white rose
XVI.121 alone did Jason stand   stood Jason all alone
XVI.122 Holdling two spears within his ready hand;   With spear-point turned from off the field unsown
XVI.123 And right   As right
XVI.131 he shouted out:   his mouth cried out
XVI.133 we have wished   which we wished
XVI.139 Then all men shouting, leapt forth on the sand,   Than all men leapt upon the green earth's rim
XVI.140 And stood about them, shield and spear in hand,   And clashed the shield and spear round her and him,
XVI.145 is not the day won?   is the day not won?
XVI.161 fire   beacon
XVI.173 And taking forth the fairest weed she had,   And clad her in the daintiest and the best
XVI.174 In many a fragrant fold her body clad,   Of all she had stored up in fragrant chest
XVI.192 that that which
XVI.208 from their   from out their
XVI.215 Who   These
XVI.216 Unto whose   But to their
XVI.219 They, crying out for joy, beheld the Fleece,   So now they shouted to behold the Fleece,
XVI.225 shouting   loud-voiced
XVI.226 None knew   Unknown
XVI.227 gone   passed
XVI.228 that being in his boat alone,   that all alone his nets he cast
XVI.229 Casting his nets   Amid the bay
XVI.230 he heard   and heard
XVI.232 That he for Argo's armed beak did know;   That well he knew for Argo's tyned sea-plough:
XVI.235 As for the far-off ancient fane she made;   As toward the far-off ancient fane she drave:
XVI.236 And that thereon his anchor straight he weighed,   That no more he drifted on the wave,
XVI.237 And   But
XVI.238 Pelias is   Pelias now is
XVI.278 or law   nor law
XVI.285 his father's face to see;   to see his father's face;
XVI.286 on the green shore warily,   wary of a doubtful place,
XVI.313 this is this is is this
XVI.322 fields   fresh fields
XVI.323 bend   do bend
XVI.328 some dame some dame a dame
XVI.345 of your store   of all of your store
XVI.367 close   own close
XVI.371 flowers   blossoms
XVI.384 To lands   To earth
XVI.401 Nor gladden the slain   Nor would they gladden
XVI.404 He had not entered since the night his name   Which had not seen him since his new-cried name
XVI.421 lush green   deep-green
XVI.444 night did fall night did fall the night 'gan fall
XVI.448 nigh   near
XVI.464 Having   Holding
XVI.467 flowered   fair-flowered
XVI.470 Here ends   Endeth

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