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Collation Book 15

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No individual arguments precede each book in text B. Argo in ambush—Medea goes to Iolchos, and by her wiles brings Pelias to his death.

Argo in ambush. Medea goes to Iolchos, and by her wiles brings Pelias to his death


morrow did

  morrow's morn
XV.2 Turn   Turned
XV.20 merchandize merchandize merchandise
XV.34 lea   lee
XV.36 past   passed
XV.52 Keep a   Let one
XV.172 crowned with towers white,   walled and towered with white,
XV.174 a fountain   the fountain
XV.195 is ought   be aught
XV.247 Colchain had   Colchian man had
XV.267 sung   dwelt
XV.294 or   and
XV.321 desire life   desire such life
XV.342 gifts   gift
XV.354 has has is
XV.403 at this word   as they spake
XV.404 he, too, grew sore afeard   his heart began to quake
XV.405 he began to think of days   he fell on though of other days
XV.407 And thought: If so be I should never die   He thinketh: If indeed I might not die,
XV.475 ought   aught
XV.483 give gift   gift may give
XV.488 spakst upon   spakest on
XV.506 meet   mete
XV.516 lived again   lived yet again
XV.531 Deisres   Desireth
XV.540 risen high   risen on high
XV.542 glittering as   glittering bright as
XV.545 Ilissus   Ilissus'
XV.554 ought   aught
XV.600 the flowers   the sweet flowers
XV.604 flowers   blossoms
XV.661 Young as ye see me   But a few days yet
XV.662 The king, your father, in few days shall be,   And all eld's fears your father shall forget;
XV.666 wanderer from   wanderer on from
XV.673 Go, therefore, but come hither with the sun   Go therefore now, but come back with the sun
XV.697 Fair Queens well be ye!   Hail Thessalians, hail!
XV.698 Surely in happy hour ye come to me,   Surely to-day your prayer shall nowise fail,
XV.699 Who, if I might, would do the whole world good.   For I am fain to do the whole world good
XV.707 must ye convey   before the eve
XV.708 A brazen caldron ere the end of day   A mighty brazen caldron must ye leave
XV.711 Yet more, take heed that She who helpeth me,   Moreover She, the helful and the kind,
XV.712 see   find
XV.733 So this and that she looked at,   Divers whereof she handled,
XV.762 Is waning now,   Is young no more,
XV.777 while   the while
XV.810 the Thessalian   that Thessalian
XV.813 thick-leaved   thick-leafed
XV.841 triumphantly,   as one who knew,
XV.842 What things the Gods will do for me   Now see ye what the Gods will do
XV.843 Ye now behold; take then   For earthly men! Take ye
XV.849 Must your hands   Your hands must
XV.852 bitter   heavy
XV.858 would make folk glad or sad   should make his people sad
XV.879 or   and
XV.880 crook-backed crook-backed crook-back'd
XV.911 There what ye will   Therein your deed
XV.921 pattering across   pattering quick across
XV.928 But if ye   Or else if ye
XV.946 life   days
XV.961 since this place by the sea   for this sea-watching wall
XV.962 A temple is of some divinity,   Was once the wind-swept and deep-hallowed hall
XV.963 Whose very name men now have   of some strange God whose name is
XV.965 soothly we   fear indeed
XV.966 Fear nought of all these things, being led by thee.   Is dead within us since the way ye lead
XV.975 guise   gear
XV.983 the other night Medea bade,   that other night they sped the work;
XV.984 Except that each one had a trenchant blade   But in each bosom hidden now did lurk
XV.985 Slung round her neck   The trenchant steel
XV.1004 still still yet
XV.1037 because certainly   for whoe'er may wake
XV.1038 Those that may see them gleaming o'er the sea   And note their stars the solid sea-night break
XV.1039 spirits of the air   ghosts of men long dead
XV.1040 torches out did flare,   pine-bough flared out red,
XV.1054 And go and do that which were better done   But ye, go do the deed that best were done
XV.1060 Set Set Laid
XV.1116 Not heeding her, Medea   Medea hearkened not;
XV.1117 She erst beheld   Which erst she saw
XV.1121 coined gold,   fine-wrought gold
XV.1125 drew away   cloth that lay
XV.1126 Over the face of the dead man, that lay   Over the dead man's face she drew away
XV.1129 face   cheek
XV.1147 this   a

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