Collations for The Life and Death of Jason

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Collation Book 14

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No individual arguments precede each book in text B. The Sirens—The Garden of the Hesperides—The heroes do sacrifice at Malea.

The Sirens. The garden of the Hesperides. The sacrifice at Malea


Now o'er the open sea they took their way

  Across the open sea they drew their wake
XIV.2 For three days, and at dawning of the day,   For three long days, and when the fourth 'gan break
XIV.3 Upon the fourth, saw the   Their eyes beheld the fair
XIV.7 syrens   Sirens
XIV.21 well-nigh made them sigh   they were fain to sigh
XIV.22 To hear   Hearkening
XIV.23 But now, nigh even on   But hard on even of
XIV.31 Syrens'   Sirens'
XIV.41 waste   belt
XIV.57 ere   e'er
XIV.93 that   whom
XIV.99 but thou but thou and thou
XIV.109 she turned away   the great sail drew
XIV.110 flew the flakes of spray,   sharp the spray-shower flew,
XIV.113 sung   sang
XIV.122 memories may chance   memories yet may chance
XIV.148 And still go slower and more slow   Hindering for nought our eager prow
XIV.150 Your fond desires were set upon   On which your fond desires were set
XIV.152 What barren victory had ye won   Short love and joy and long regret
XIV.189 on thy   upon thy
XIV.251 are are be
XIV.296 dark-armed dark-armed dark-arm'd
XIV.340 shadowy or   shadowy nor
XIV.359 risen   new-risen
XIV.365 or war   nor war
XIV.366 Or rumour   Nor rumour
XIV.367 Or plagues, or birth   Nor plagues, nor birth
XIV.391 Than this, to die and not to die   Than far from this grey light to lie
XIV.392 line omitted   And there to die and not to die
XIV.396 keep some thrilling   feed your fill of
XIV.406 flower-scented   sweet flower-scented
XIV.428 ye   yet
XIV.468 as   while
XIV.496 awhile   a while
XIV.516 cyprus   cypress
XIV.519 flowers, like a cloud flowers, like as a cloud blossoms, as a cloud
XIV.521 they saw alilght   sung to his mate
XIV.533 roe-deer   roebuck
XIV.535 fruit-strown   fruit-strawn
XIV.536 coneys   conies
XIV.547 has   had
XIV.556 And one upon the steps combed out her hair And one upon the steps combed out her hair Of whom one slept, one sat and combed her hair
XIV.558 And one stood naked in the blue stream, And one stood naked in the blue stream, But yeat another stood in the blue stream
XIV.618 But this   Save this
XIV.636 oft   fain
XIV.637 with unsandalled   with soft unsandalled
XIV.652 given, taken   given, and taken
XIV.661 go their   go on their
XIV.708 yet is hot   reeketh hot
XIV.723 Of brass and steel   of well-wrought arms
XIV.756 And through its fitful   But over all its
XIV.757 From time to time in pleading song and prayer   Uprose from time to time a joyous song,
XIV.758 Swept by the wind about the summer air   That on summer morning lay for long
XIV.759 Clear rung the voices   The mighty voices
XIV.760 Unto the dashing of the   Exulting o'er the tossing

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