Collations for The Life and Death of Jason

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Collation Book 13

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No individual arguments precede each book in text B. Medea sees Circe, and has good counsel from her.

Medea sees Circe, and has good counsel from her


But as along the shore they sailed next day,

  Along the shore next day their way they went,
XIII.2 Full many a headland on their lucky way   And many a headland passed and many a bent
XIII.3 Erginus knew, but said no towns there were   Known of Erginus: in that land there were
XIII.4 Within that land, but that   No towns, said he, but still
XIII.8 had no want at all   knew no need at all
XIII.48 Their hearts were melted, and all dim of sight   That all their hearts grew soft, and dim of sight
XIII.53 stood Medea, and thoughtfully   all Medea thoughtfully
XIII.89 for all ye may see there   for all t hat wander there
XIII.124 sparse long grasses   thin long herbage
XIII.130 flowers flowers knots
XIII.136 flowers   blossoms
XIII.160 stammering   stammering low
XIII.173 spots and dangerous of claw   spots, baneful of tooth and claw
XIII.175 draw   coming
XIII.181 silver grate   wicket white
XIII.182 indeed though inarticulate   though speechless; and in all despite
XIII.183 And, spite of seeming, in none otherwise   Of what they seemed to be, none otherwise
XIII.192 her raiment   its raiment
XIII.219 deathless   undying
XIII.221 Wherein strange things the Gods know not, she read.   Wherein strange things unknown of Gods she read;
XIII.231 from sea   from dark sea
XIII.242 boughtedst   boughtest
XIII.245 And, first, since though wouldst have me purify   Whereas thou here wouldst cleanse thy sould of blood
XIII.246 Your hands of his blood that thou sawest die   The kindred stream that reddened the wild flood
XIII.295 therefore, therefore? therefor?
XIII.316 or such   nor such
XIII.333 wrong and right   right and wrong
XIII.334 to all shall be a dear delight   shall be a solace and a song
XIII.335 ought   aught
XIII.362 'twixt   through

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