Collations for The Life and Death of Jason

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Collation Book 11

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No individual arguments precede each book in text B. The passage northward continued—Argo drawn over-land—The winter by the northern river.

The passage northward. Argo drawn over-land. The winter by the river



restless fishes turn and wind.

  fish flit from the ship-side blind
XI.20 river   water
XI.40 runs   run
XI.81 pray   each
XI.82 That they might come into the light of day   For the new daylight every God beseech
XI.83 When they pierced the mountain through and through   And speedily to pierce the mountain through
XI.133 nor yet forgot   nor there forgot
XI.166 ought   aught
XI.207 furrow   foam-heap
XI.210 arched sign   high-arched sign
XI.211 for well they knew   that knew at last
XI.212 That some God helped them, and straighway they threw   How: a God helped them: so straightway they cast
XI.251 It chanced Argus' self alone to go   It chanced to Argus all alone to go
XI.254 In hot chase of the oney-loving beast   He chased the bee-theif, and shaggy beast
XI.255 Far from his fellows: him he brought to bay   Led him aloof and turned at last to bay
XI.258 And ere the red-eyed beast again could choose   There Argus, ere the red-eyed beast could choose
XI.317 dazed   wondering
XI.331 Shall be swept into drifts   Shall wave, wind-drifted, all
XI.333 Thou seest   Which yonder
XI.334 thou mayst see   mayst thou see
XI.345 reaching a great forest, bide ye there   reach a great wild wood and tarry there
XI.346 And there the coming unknown winter bear   The coming unknown winter-tide to bear
XI.360 So   Thus
XI.378 noontide   high noon
XI.383 they might   that night
XI.422 That   Who

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