Collations for The Life and Death of Jason

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Collation Book 10

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Argument: No individual arguments precede each book in text B. Argo cut off from the straits—The entry of the river—The passage northward.

Argo cut off from the straits. The entry of the river. The passage northward.



sunrise pure away

  sunrise hue away
X.4 heavens colourless and grey   heavens all colourless and grey
X.16 maintop gilded bright maintop gilded bright maintruck gilded bright
X.59 And passing   And sailing
X.83 lives were spent   lives are spent
X.84 lands and helpless drearyment!   lands mid helpless dreariment!
X.125 or till or till nor till
X.146 flattering false tongue   flattering double tongue
X.155 who there to make the tragedy   who never now should fill the place
X.156 Alone was wanting: then she saw anigh   Amid the bale-fire: then she saw his face
X.157 His face,   So close
X.159 And set aside for that time all her care   And for that hour she cast by every care
X.178 And now   And so
X.199 wear night away   heavy night away
X.202 bats to whirr   bats would whirr
X.221 of ought   of aught
X.254 among among amongst
X.268 ancles   ankles
X.300 untended untended unherded,
X.305 or fold   nor fold
X.310 It seemed good   It seemed but good
X.312 So drawing   And drawing
X.352 sat sat set
X.375 chace   chase
X.379 Or any brass   Nor any brass
X.411 But   And
X.435 Which being passed,   Which, being once
X.445 mighty fire   mighty feast-fire
X.472 men needed   things needful
X.473 they toil   men toil
X.507 nor fear   no fear
X.510 shafts shafts shifts
X.518 That   Which
X.533 Forgetest   Forgettest
X.564 foliage the breeze   leafage the young breeze
X.588 mire now   mire by now
X.601 going twenty   going some twenty
X.608 on   onward

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