Of the Friendship of Amis and Amile

Amis and Amile frontispiece
Title page, Kelmscott Press Edition, 1894

Supplementary Materials: Reviews, Criticism and Glossary

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Almaine: Germany
apparelled: prepared
ark: receptacle, container
astonied: astonished
attempered: moderated
blench: give way
brake: broke
bridal: wedding
chastity: fidelity
chivalry: virtuous deeds
chrism: holy oil
conjure: call on
covenant: terms
dearly: fondly
debonaire: fair
deign: consider appropriate
devoir: duty, devotion
dight:  prepared
feally: loyally
fealty: loyalty
feign: pretend
felon: evildoer
fillet: head-band
fostered: brought up
frist: respite
gentle: well-born
give: grant
Gramercy: by God’s mercy
guerdon: reward
guested: given hospitality
hanap: fine goblet 
havings: possessions
hallows: saints
hostel: dwelling-place
ides: certain days of the month in the Roman calendar
infinity: number
it behoveth: it is necessary
joyance: pleasure, rejoicing
knew: had carnal knowledge of 
Lombards: ****
may-happen: perhaps
mesel, meselry: sick, sickness 
mickle: much
much: very
nones: ninth hour of monastic day - 3.p.m.
oblation: offering
peradventure: perhaps
raiment: clothing
received our Saviour: took holy communion
rede: advice, counsel 
St. Eusebius” ****
scathe: damage, harm
sergeant: servant , attendant
server: servant
sols: coins, money
tarrying: delay
tartavelle: clapper or rattle carried by sick folk and lepers
the Apostle: the Pope
tierce: third hour of the monastic day - 9.a.m.
Thoby: tobias
travail: trouble
trow: believe
uncovered: disclosed
vanward: vanguard
vespers: evening service
victual: dish (of food)
wending: travelling
whenas: when
whereas: because
whole: in good health
wyte: charge