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VOLUME 1 trans. Morris, "collated" by Eirikr Magnusson, 1891: The Story of Howard the Halt; The Story of the Banded Men; The Story of Hen Thorir;
VOLUME 2, trans. Morris, "collated" by Eirikr Magnusson, 1892: The Story of the Ere-Dwellers (Eyrbyggja Saga); The Story of the Heath-Slayings (Heibarviga Saga);
VOLUME 3, trans. Morris, "collated" by Eirikr Magnusson, 1893: Heimskringla [Stories of the Kings of Norway]I, The Story of the Ynglings; The Story of Halfdan the Black; The Story of Harald Hairfair; The Story of Hakon the Good; The Story of King Harald Greycloak and of Earl Hakon the son of Sigurd; The Story of King Olaf Tryggvison;
VOLUME 4, trans. Eirikr Magnusson, "collated" by Morris, 1894: Heimskringla II, The Story of Olaf the Holy, the Son of Harald;pdf
VOLUME 5, trans. Eirikr Magnusson, "collated" by Morris, 1895: The Story of Magnus the Good, The Story of Harald the Hard-Redy, The Story of Olaf the Quiet; The Story of Magnus Barefoot; The Story of Sigurd the Jerusalem-farer, Eystein, and Olaf; The Story of Magnus the Blind and Harald Gilli; The Story of Ingi, Son of Harald, and his Brethren; The Story of Hakon Shoulder-Broad; The Story of King Magnus, Son of Erling;
VOLUME 6, Magnusson, 1905: Heimskringla IV, Preface (discussion by Eirikr Magnusson of the creation of the Saga Library), Introduction: on Snorri Sturlason's life and works; indexes; corrections; genealogies. Essay "William Morris," first published in Cambridge Review, November 1896.



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Discusses the Saga Library, 343-58, 360-65, and 885-91; Howard the Halt, 977-91; Eyrbyggja Saga 867-84, 885-925, and 949-55; Prologue to the Heimskringla 956-66; Haraldssaga, 967-76; Old Icelandic usages in Morris's poetry, 993-98.

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