Sigurd the Volsung

Kelmscott Edition, Book I (1898)

I.  Of the dwelling of King Volsung, and the wedding of Signy his daughter

II. How the Volsungs fared to the Land of the Goths, and of the fall of King Volsung

III. Of the ending of all Volsung's Sons save Sigmund only, and of how he abideth in the wild-wood

IV. Of the birth and fostering of Sinfiotli, Signy's Son

V. Of the slaying of Siggeir the Goth-king

VI. How Sigmund cometh to the Land of the Volsungs again, and of the death of Sinfiotli his Son

VII. Of the last battle of King Sigmund, and the death of him

VIII. How King Sigmund the Volsung was laid in mound on the sea-side of the Isle-realm

IX. How Queen Hiordis is known; and how she abideth in the house of Elf the son of the Helper