The Earthly Paradise

"The Garden of the Hesperides," Edward Burne Jones, 1869-73
Text of The Earthly Paradise
The Earthly Paradise,Kelmscott Press Edition
The Earthly Paradise, 1890 edition
The Earthly Paradise, 1870 edition

Editorial Material: General Introduction, Introductions to the Apology, "Prologue: The Wanderers," and Classical and Medieval Tales

Introductions are from William Morris, The Earthly Paradise, edited by Florence S. Boos, 2 vols., Routledge, 2002.

Texts of Individual Tales, 2002 edition, with annotations

Drafts for The Earthly Paradise

Manuscripts of the Earthly Paradise

Supplementary Materials: contemporary criticism, more recent criticism, illustrations, including images from the original woodblocks, sources, bibliography


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