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Commonweal 1888, entire year[pdf]

An online version in multiple formats is available from click here.

Entire 1888 Commonweal [pdf of original]


Poems Published in Commonweal

"The March of the Workers," Commonweal 1.1 (February 1885), 4; 1.2 (March 1885).
"The Message of the March Wind," Commonweal, March 1885 1.2. Published in Poems by the Way.
"Untitled Verse," Commonweal 4.119 (21 April 1888). ("Lo when we wade the tangled wood")
"Mine and Thine," Commonweal 5.164 (2 November 1889), 67. Published in Poems by the Way.

Prose Printed in Commonweal:

"An Old Story Retold," Commonweal 2.36 (18 September 1886), 197-98.
"Free Speech in America," Commonweal 3.91 (8 October 1887), 324.

"Educating Americans in Handicraft," Commonweal 4.129 (30 June 1888), 204-205.

A Dream of John Ball, 11 installments, Commonweal.
"Socialism from the Root Up," 25 installments, Commonweal. 
News from Nowhere, Commonweal, 1890, 39 installments.

This list is indebted to Eugene LeMire, A Bibliography of William Morris, London: British Library, 2006.

Texts from Commonweal Arranged Chronologically

These are in two displays: a searchable text version from the archive and the original Commonweal version from the University of Michigan; first entry is plain text, followed by pdf's of the original, separated by a †. In some cases only the pdf version is available.

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