Introduction, from William Peterson, The Kelmscott Press: A History of William Morris's Typographical Adventure, Berkeley: University of California Press, 1991.

Illuminated folio from HM6478

Calligraphic Manuscripts

A Book of Verse

Catalogue of Morris's Books

Illustrations for the Aeneid by Edward Burne-Jones, Morgan Library

Illuminated Page

Braesel, Michaela. "The Influence of Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts on the Pre-Raphaelites and the Early Poetry of William Morris." JWMS 15.4 (Summer 2004): 41-54.

Braesel, Michaela. "William Morris and 'Authenticity.'" Reading Matters Vol. 15, Universite du Quebec a Trois-Rivieres. [Discusses his early calligraphic designs, including "The Story of the Iron Man" from the Grimm Brothers]

Goodwin, Handlist of Manuscripts and Documents of William Morris [pdf] Provides locations for Morris manuscripts

Whitla, William. "'Sympathetic Translation' and the 'Scribe's Capacity': Morris's Calligraphy and the Icelandic Sagas." Journal of Pre-Raphaelite Studies 10 (Fall 2001): 27-108. See Appendix A: "William Morris's Calligraphic Manuscripts," 80-95 for a list of locations and features of these manuscripts.


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